40 useful tips that will help you lose weight

tips on how to lose weight

Dietary restrictions, sports, and the motivation... and Basic methods to lose excess weight, they are well-known to them all, but here is a small yet useful tricks to a few people, you know.

Here is a list of the top 40 single, and sometimes very unexpected recommendations which can assist you to lose the weight for a long time, and not in excess of the supply voltage.

  1. Copy of daily kilocalories, and if you're not going to gain weight, you can determine by means of this formula, the-weight, in kilos / pounds, you divide to 0.45, and then multiply by 14.
    Weight in kg : 0,45 X 14
    If you don't want to just get in shape and lose weight, you can do the same calculation, it's just that instead of a real weight replace that you want. Obedience to the discrete numbers, you're going to lose weight, although very slowly, but surely.

  2. Add cinnamon to oatmeal, yogurt, coffee and any other food which combines this spice. It has the ability to speed up the body's metabolism, and the entire genre of one teaspoon per day helps to restore some of the a pound a month.

  3. If you come in to the office, do not eat behind the table. Studies have shown that sitting in front of a monitor or tv, people want to consume, on average, by 250 kilocalories for more.

  4. The more you laugh. 10 to 15 minutes of laughter daily to promote a week of the calorie intake by 280 calories.

  5. carrot juice
  6. Due to the content of fiber and low calorie juice of a carrot, it helps you to lose weight by 1.8 kg over a period of 1.5-2 months. The rate of consumption, a — 1 glass (200 ml) per day.

  7. Take the pre-formed calcium. This is a mineral that promotes the breakdown of fat and causes for this process is 2.6% more efficient.

  8. During the practice of physical exercise, or even just a simple walk, listen to happy music is a source of motivation for physical activity and help you to practice more.

  9. Do not delete it from eating lean red meat. Foods that are rich in protein to help increase lean muscle mass, and muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, even at rest.

  10. You drag in a gym, a club of friends. According to the statistics, the people who are involved in sports with a group of friends to lose weight, 30% stronger than the athletes of the singles.

  11. Eat less salt and more bitter and the red pepper. A salt-free diet is going to help you to get rid of the excess liquid, and the chili pepper contains a substance capsaicin, accelerates metabolism by as much as 25%.

  12. According to a survey of british doctors, one of the main reasons why core issues of compulsive overeating is stress in the workplace. If you are nervous about it, squat down and take a few deep breaths, you can try the technique frénico of respiration, when the breathing is done through the abdominal muscles). You will gradually calm down, and the will to grasp the problem does not occur.

  13. To do the exercise that is best in the morning before your first meal. In the first place is to speed up the metabolism for the day and the next, and in the second place, so that the body will spend the energy, not with the food, and of the fat thereof.

  14. The use of the soy sauce. According to a recent study, protein from soy, and especially affects our taste buds and causes a quick feeling of fullness.

  15. Before you serve your dinner on the table, and the large chunks of food, it is best to cut them off. This will allow you to consume around 20% less calories because the slices so portion sizes do seem to be a person who is served with a piece of. And, by tricking your eyes, you will at the same time, and that's going to fool the stomach.

  16. the track
  17. The most effective way to coach it in terms of burning calories) — a jogging track. The most efficient way of following the race, the load — to walk, to practice, you can be in and out of the walls of the gym.

  18. The idea of a full English breakfast the nutritionists recognized the hard-boiled egg with a slice of bread or a piece of fruit. Eggs are rich in protein, and due to the fact that the body is the best of what you eat earned calories throughout the day, and in the presence of this plate of carbs, energy costs, and does not allow you to rapidly get to the city.

  19. Red wine prevents the formation of fat in the belly, such an effect ensures that the input into the composition of the substance is, in turn, contained in the grapes. Just don't overdo it: one glass a day is good enough.

  20. Turn on quiet classical music, when you sit down to eat. With the support of the people eating less, on the average, from 15% to 20%, because of the chewing, more slowly, and it's best to eat it.

  21. Chew on it carefully. Try to chew each mouthful of food at least 25 times before you send it in to the inside of the stomach. Both are positive and related to the effect of, you will love it: first of all, this is the kind of food that is digested more easily; in the second place, there is the gentle massage of the gums, which alert you to periodontal disease.

  22. Chew chewing gum without sugar after a meal and two hours after. This will help you to deal with unmotivated hunger.

  23. Snack on a pomegranate. The seeds of this fruit contain a substance that prevents the formation of fat, and a sweet taste, it hits the appetite.

  24. The meat you cook is not a cookerand in the oven or on the grill (this feature is on most modern stoves). This treatment method displays in the body the extra fat and deep-frying, on the contrary, he points out.

  25. The green tea, the caffeine is combined with a special antioxidant, which speeds up the processing of fat for energy. Therefore, the regular consumption of the beverage is able to focus on your metabolism by nearly 20%.

  26. Replace the salad dressing and the other is the green of the spinach. With a low-calorie, more fiber, which helps to cleanse the digestive system and helps the body break down fat more efficiently.

  27. goat's cheese
  28. Try the cheese of a goat instead of a cow: it's 40% less fat, but that doesn't make the content of the other items that are useful.

  29. Instead of pasta, or wheat, and use it as a side dish of lentils or kidney beans. Legumes contain lots of fiber and a special amino acid, enabling you will help to actively get rid of the fat in the body. By 2.5 months "on the legume diet, you can drop up to 7 pounds.

  30. Completely exclude fats from its menu, notleast because they are necessary for the absorption of many vitamins and minerals as well. Better to replace them with "healthy", with t. e. instead of the fatty acids in milk and meat products, the meat of a turkey, fish, and flax seed and olive oil, eggs, and nuts. Studies show that this substitution not only contributes to weight loss, but it is extremely helpful for the heart.

  31. Don't miss the breakfast in the morning. The rejection of the morning meal, increasing the total daily intake of calories by about 100.

  32. Although apples stimulate the production of gastric juice and provoke an appetite, eating an apple 15 minutes before lunch or dinner, decreases the amount of calories of their food on 150-200 a day. Scientists explain this effect of apples and high-fibre content.

  33. The salad, dressed with extra virgin olive oil, more of the diet that the vegetables are dry. When we consume olive oil, the body produces a lot of a special protein, and it "tells" our brains that hunger havetolen. So, you have to place salvage your appetite and prevents overeating.

  34. Tomatoes contain a rare component, you are one in the body's production of the hunger hormone. In order to feel the effect, you can just add a few slices to your dinner, put it on a sandwich, or a breakfast of scrambled eggs.

  35. Perfect for the time in-between meals — 3 hours. If you wait until the next snack or a dinner in a while, the level of sugar in the blood starts to "gallop", in the metabolism is lost, and you run the risk of nакиnhavetSya food and peReewithtü.

  36. Add the beef and pepper dish, paprika. Calories in it is almost non-existent, but there are a lot of vitamin c, which is required for the recycling of fat deposits to create energy.

  37. Along with the olive oil, salads can be refilled with normal vinegar, and sauce at its base. It contains acid, which will speed up the process of breaking down fat and help with weight loss.

  38. the food is on the move
  39. Don't eat on the go. Sitting down at the table, the person eats less than 30%.

  40. To eat with someone who eats very little. As the psychologists say, people will unconsciously compare the size of your portions at breakfast, to the neighbor and to adjust to them. Therefore, for the women, however, the choice of the men usually eat in 20 to 35 percent more than the average. And here's some food for the couple and the girlfriend has the opposite effect.

  41. Don't be discouraged in the chair as soon after physical exercise or other heavy load, you are tired. Easy to walk to in about 15 to 20 minutes, to prolong the process of breaking down of fat, and a one-stop, on the contrary, mitigate against, the effects of your efforts as much as possible.

  42. Energy drinks in a 4-to 8 - times каlоRийnee of coffee and are contributing to an increase in the level of sugar in the blood. So, if you for the coffee, even a little, to speed up your metabolism and help you in your fight against the extra pounds, баnочnыe power, on the contrary, it can lead to the appearance of excess weight.

  43. Not sure pакetиRоваnnыe juice: too much sugar, and a large number of calories (from 40 to 60 per 100 ml). The content of calories, which includes nearly the same, but they have leгкоhavewithвояewee, sugar, and more fibre.

  44. Skimmed milk is almost 2 times less caloriesthan normal, but it's the same amount of calcium as well as phosphorus, which contributes to the process of the recycling of fat in the cells. In addition to this, the fat in the milk is harmful, ax, heart and blood vessels, and raises the level of cholesterol.

  45. Even if you are too tired, you have never , do not neglect your inner life. Sex burns up to 150 kilocalories for about 20 minutes, and it contributes to the formulation of a special hormone that speeds up the body's metabolism.

  46. Cut out the bread, salami and cheese, t-shirts, the transparent portions. Try to visually trick your stomach.

  47. This week the catch of the day. The body's requirements of vitamin D is covered for an entire week. For the fish, except for a few species, contain very little fat, and well-saturated. The fish in salt water, while at the same reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood.

  48. Dried fruits should always be kept in your house, for example, plums, apples and dry at all times. In between meals if you feel hungry, you can eat 3-4 plums, or about the same amount of apple slices.

  49. The figure contains a low-sodium (on the fluid in the body), but also a large amount of potassium (изthnяющeth it. If you have at least one day a week, you yctpoute you rice a day (add it only can be a mineral, neutral, or alkaline in the water, but not oil!!!), so, you will lose up to 1 kg of the body mass of the liquid, and the end-products of metabolism.

Looking to get rid of excess weight, all the women are looking for quick ways of weight-loss. But it should be kept in mind is that weight loss is hard work, and in the physical sense and moral sense. In order to facilitate the neleгкоth process to interact, and then you can get an effective result.