The Diet Of Dukan

The diet Dukan is one of the very popular and trendy diets are, after all, it's a lot of advantages. It should be noted that the diet allows you to eat as much as you want of the protein, namely, eggs, low-fat meat, chicken, and ham, and other meat, lean cottage cheese. The result of this type of power can be noticed after the first few days of the diet, as the excess weight begins to hang out with a lot of intensity.

When the diet in the first place, is burnt and not the muscle, it's fat, which contributes to the achievement of a good way. In addition to this, the diet Dukan means an improvement in the condition of your nails, hair and skin care, and the result will remain the same.


A distinctive feature of the diet is that for its implementation it is necessary to pass through several stages, and each stage performs a certain role. The first three of these depend on a number of the excess weight that You are intentional to lose, and it is designed to maintain the shape of the form during his lifetime.

Of course, it is important to understand that every body is different, so it may not behave in the "orders". Every diet has shown that, in practice, an excellent efficiency.

Returns the weight (in kg) "The attack" (days). "Striping" (days). "Fixing" (day)
5 2 15 50
10 3 50 100
15 4 85 150
20 5 120 200
25 7 155 250
30 7 160 300
40 9 190 400
50 10 330 500

The significance of this is that, during the "attack," if you eat only protein in the products. After you have successfully run this item ships to the next stage — "striping"in which the food, you can add it to the vegetables. In the next phase, it's ok to eat a handful of the cheese and the fruit, in Its sole discretion, and, at the same time, You can indulge yourself with boiled potatoes. "Stabilization", which is considered to be the fourth step in the process, it is suggested that a return to a full major.

Important! The diet Dukan it prohibits the use of any type of fat, in that case the effect is that You will not be able to. If You like the products of deep-fried, then stir-fry without oil, using a special frying pan, and a second course a refill of freshly squeezed lemon juice instead of oil.

On the list of prohibited foods have also come from alcohol, sugar, too much sweets, fruits, nuts, and potato chips.

Please Note, as in the performance of the other techniques of weight loss, You need to drink a lot of water, and to lead a sedentary life.

And, especially, to our readers, we have developed a calculator that diet Dukan you can calculate a diet for you.

Diet Menu Dukan

The following is a list of foods that can be consumed in any quantity during all phases of the diet, it's only the first

  • Veal is not greasy.
  • The front part of the tongue of the baby.
  • Low-fat cottage cheese.
  • The kefir starter with the least amount of fat.
  • The soy sauce.
  • Low-fat milk, or with the minimum of maintenance.
  • The meat of the chicken, and the meat of another bird.
  • The liver and kidney of the chicken may be the beef.
  • Not the fat from the ham.
  • Rabbit.
  • Shrimp, mussels, calamari and other fruits of the sea.
  • Any of the fish.
  • Caviar (an oil can).
  • Of the disease.

In addition to this, the moderation, it is permitted to cook chicken eggs (2 per day), and no more than eight, crab stick at night.

The "attack" as the first stage of weight loss — the most difficult, and involves the use of only a single one of those products that is almost completely comprised of protein.

Try to find recipes to cook on and is in need of the products and in the diet that may seem boring, but, on the contrary, they enrich the dining experience.

In the second phase of the rotation , You will have to add it in the menu, the vegetable, in its sole discretion. It should be kept in mind that the name of the phase that is given to you for a reason, because one day you will be eating protein and vegetables, and the next one's only source of protein. By completing fully the requirements of the first two steps, You should get the expected result in a way to dispose of the pounds and the loss of colors and sizes.

Others are allowed in any amount up to the product

  • And that's the coffee.
  • The jell-o.
  • The taste of the food.
  • Onions (1 bag per day).
  • Lemon (instead of oil).
  • The green herb, or a berry, black tea.
  • Corn starch, 1 St. of a spoon.
  • Cocoa-as much as 14% fat, 1 tbsp.
  • A handful of wheat bran.
  • Sweeteners (in addition to sorbitol, glucose, and fructose).
  • The seeds of the cumin.
  • For the vinegar.
  • Top.
  • Approx.
  • The mustard greens.
  • A moderate amount of salt.
  • Vanilla.
  • and other low-carb foods and fat-free.

Important! In the "interlacing" it is strictly forbidden to eat pastas, cereals, potatoes, corn, peas, avocado, and olives as well as olives, and lentils, and beans.

In conclusion, the phases of the diet

During the attachment of the-Pierre Dukan it is recommended that you keep your protein day a week. At any time You can add on to the previous menu, 1 fruit, sugar-free, and that will fit in the palm of your hand, and 50 grams of lean cheese.

"Fixing to" has a chance in the first half, there's a lot of potatoes to once a week, and in the same range to give a "party in the stomach". The latter implies that true freedom is a gastronomic delight, however, the parts should be less than the average. In the second half of the "clamp" on the same terms and conditions, only the frequency of the "holiday belly", as a meal with potatoes, increase up to two times a week.

Potatoes, you can substitute the buckwheat, rice, or pasta — it is, of course, in moderate amounts.

During the period of stabilization, it is better to "not settle" on the carbohydrates of products, to carry out "protein", to participate in sports and other physical activities, and also drink a lot of water in it stop. The testimonials of those who have commented on the diet, Dukan, to show that it actually works, the important thing is to get started!

the weight loss diet dukan

Lots of men and women, who suffer from excess weight, and have implemented the diet into practice. The amount of the excess, of pounds, has been, with some success, he fell in a prospect of five pounds, the other is completely struggled with a very severe problem, because her weight has reached a staggering.

However, in accordance with the opinion of the majority of the diet Dukan it is enough of course, it does not set restrictions on the parcels the permissions of the products. This is the main advantage of the diet because you eat a lot of healthy products that feed for a long, long time.

Diet-Dukan — the world is recognized as a means to combat excessive weight, the effect of which is confirmed by many examples.