Directions for use Keto Eat&Fit

Keto Eat&Fit - general characteristics and information

The form of the release:


A lot

20 pieces per package.


for weight loss

Keto Eat&Fit - new tool for your weight-loss with no diet and heavy exercise. In addition, the application of a daily pill that helps you lose weight, from 3 to 7 kg in a week, but it also has a complete journey of well-being-of-action, strength and power, fills us with energy, improves your mood.

Please note: Keto Eat&Fit it is equally effective for both males and females. Be careful with imitations out there. To buy the capsules from the US, it is only in the official website.

The main ingredient - bhb complex*.

Further the composition of the plant components, coffee extract, guarana, vitamin D.

*bhb complex, a fusion of organic, it blocks the absorption of materials from the consumption of foods of carbohydrates, you start the process of burning fat as an energy source.

The capsules, with the bhb weight-loss complex Keto Eat&Fit - details

The excess of weight and you want to have a perfect shape, a obesity of any degree and need to get rid of those extra pounds in order to prevent the development of cardiovascular events and other chronic diseases, the need to "dry out" the body of the fat, then build lean muscle mass. The capsules, with the bhb weight-loss complex safe and effective for each patient. The application Keto Eat&Fit it burns fat and eliminates cellulite, it displays the body of excess water, and eliminate swelling of your face, hands and feet, it improves the metabolism and the overall functioning of the digestive system, suppress your appetite and help you to establish the habit of eating less and consuming smaller quantities of food.

how to use the capsules from the bhb's complex weight-loss Keto Eat and Fit

Instructions on how to use the capsules for weight loss

The use of capsules Keto Eat&Fit it is very simple to do. Enough for a drink of water, 100-150 ml). In addition, it is recommended that you drink over the course of the application of the capsule, up to two liters of water per day, spread evenly between each of the intakes. The day to day management for weight loss up to the 3-to 7-kg-per-week, three capsules before each main meal (breakfast, lunch, and evening). The rate of application can be increased by up to two weeks, and what's more, it depends on the total number of extra pounds.

Able to use capsules as a prevention of re-setting the weight. If this is the case, then the dosage can be decreased to one capsule per day, and the rate of application should be no restrictions at all.

It is important for you to know! There are indications and contra-indications. The capsules, with the bhb weight-loss complex Keto Eat&Fit you can't take it when life-threatening medical conditions, including anorexia nervosa and bulimia, of any type, as well as the girls and young women during pregnancy and while breast-feeding. At the reception of capsules are under the age of 18 years, in consultation with the child's doctor.